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Hyper Connected Fashion Marketplace
where e-commerce is strongly connected with
Metaverse/NFT Commerce

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xFAME Marketplace enables a hyper connected fashion marketplace

where e commerce is strongly connected with metaverse/NFT commerce.

xFAME Marketplace is a hybrid type of NFT marketplace

which nourishes existing Web 2.0 e-commerce and Web 3.0 metaverse commerce.

xFAME Marketplace is an example design of the Fame platform to

provide a simple way of embracing digital/web3 fashion business

for legacy/web2 fashion business.


Fame Token (FAMEG) economy is designed to support

the physical e-commerce customers and

digital E-commerce customers.

- The FAMEG is a token circulates throughout

   the FAME ecosystem and is a tool to activate the market.

- FAMEG is the only utility token in the marketplace.

- It is used for NFT purchases, payment of fees and interest.
- XOIN (xFAME Point) is accumulated in specific proportions

   when customers purchase fashion products on E-commerce,

   partnered with the FAME ecosystem.
- XOIN can be redeemed into FAMEG, ready to purchase

   various NFTs and dive into the world of fashion metaverse.
- FAME PASS is a membership NFT of the FAME ecosystem,

   which enables users (holders) to participate

   in the FAME Fashion Launch pad while being favored with

   diverse benefits in physical/digital universes.

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