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Fashion NFT, Crowdfunding,

to meet both physical and digital Needs

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Unveil, Crowdfund and Produce,

giving “Physital Experiences” to users and “Monetization” ecosystem

for Fashion designers (creators)

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FAME FASHION LAUNCHPAD designed for accessible UI/UX and Easy & Fun to Participate

( DEMO )

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Hyper Connected Fashion NFTs
for Fans and Fashion enthusiasts on the globe
to participate & enjoy the Online & Offline Immersive Fashion Experience

Ownership of the FAME Fashion NFTs grants

Fashion enthusiasts and e-commerce customers
to have exclusive access to immersive & experiential benefits such as:


● Advanced access to special/limited Fashion NFTs drops
● Physical Garments corresponding to each Fashion NFT
● VIP Invitation benefits in Real World / Metaverse (Runway Shows, Launching Parties)
● Private Runway Show Backstage Access (FAME Runway Shows and Brands’ Runway Shows)
● Online/in person meetups, fashion design training courses with Fashion Designers
● VIP special discounts benefits from each brand/designer

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