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Collaborated NFTs to

collect, enjoy and play

in various Metaverses and Games

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FAME Multiple Artists Collaboration

Multipe Artists collaboration, to make incomplarable inpacts on the market,

Consumed by global "Fandom and Community"

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FAME Gamifiaction & P2E NFTs Collaboration

In the End, it's all about fun and easy to play with

Digital Fashion, Fashionn NFTs for "FUN" and "Utility"

- FAME Fashion NFTs purchased are to be utilized in various projects such as PFP projects, Metaverses and Games

- In various Metaverses, Fashion NFTs can be worn on Avatars, through"Claim" for "Wearable Fashion Items(matched)"

certain about of Tokens maybe needed when claiming for wearable items.


Actual case, Collaboration with

MetaAxel P2E Projects

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FAME Fashion Designer Line-up

>50+ highly acclaimed designers on board

Digitalization by FAME STUDIO

95 + New & Young Uprising Fashion Designers.

>500 Creators by 2025.

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